About Trade Leaks

TradeLeaks is dedicated to openness and transparency in trade and commerce. Our goal is to bring important news and information about businesses to the public. We provide an anonymous way for consumers and sources within businesses to leak important information direct to the public. We ask our sources to post credible information, including evidence and documents where possible, which they believe consumers need to know about businesses.

TradeLeaks recognises that trade and commerce are essential to our lives. We believe in the principle that individuals and businesses should attain values from others through mutually beneficial and fully consensual trade, rather than force, fraud or deception. We believe that trade has the power to eradicate poverty from the World, but only if trade is open and honest. Part of this openness involves allowing individual consumers to form their own independent judgements of products and businesses, based on facts and evidence.

How TradeLeaks Works

TradeLeaks enables any source to post information and evidence directly to After the material is posted, it will be available to all users around the World to view and evaluate. Sources can post information anonymously. We do not independently assess the veracity of any information posted on our website. Rather, we rely on users to individually assess the merits of all information posted.
Users can post comments and queries and rate the quality of the information posted, which will influence the ranking of posts. This process does not mean that all information posted will automatically be true, rather it means that users ought to independently assess each piece of information on its own merits. Users don't have to take our word for it, or anybody else’s; they can decide for themselves.

We do not censor our information, unless:

  • the information attacks or is likely to defame an individual, including where an individual is not named but can be reasonably ascertained; or

  • the information uses profanity or vulgar language which is not reasonably necessary to convey the content of the post.

Why don’t we moderate?

When a moderator is charged with determining what is proven to be true, or what is relevant, this means the individual or group filtering posts can deny others the ability to judge for themselves. TradeLeaks is dedicated to empowering individuals through allowing open information, rather than deciding what information is relevant to them.

Our decision not to moderate means that there will almost certainly be some spam or irrelevant material on the website. Notwithstanding this, we believe that the best form of moderation is the individual’s power to think. Accordingly, we will not moderate material for spam or irrelevance. Rather, we will rely on our relevance algorithm to give greater prominence to the most credible posts, as determined by our users.

Why do we remove information that attacks or is likely to defame, and how do we determine whether a post is likely to be defamatory?

TradeLeaks aims to bring important information about businesses to the public. TradeLeaks is not intended to be a platform to level personal attacks against individuals or otherwise defame individuals. If a source notices that his or her post has been removed due to referencing an individual, the source may elect to repost the information without the reference to the individual. TradeLeaks users can report posts which attack or are likely to defame an individual.

Why do we ban swearing?

We believe that sources are able to convey relevant information without the need to use profanity or vulgar language. If a source notices that his or her post has been removed due to profanity or vulgar language, the source may elect to repost the information without the inappropriate language.

Do we store any information about users?

TradeLeaks stores the IP addresses of sources who post on the TradeLeaks website. As such, we encourage all sources to ensure they use anonymous proxies before posting to our website. More information about anonymous proxies can be found here: Anonymous proxy (Wikipedia)

Can we remove your post if you ask?

If you ask to remove a post and you can prove that you made the post, we will remove the post. We will accept the IP address of the source who posted the Leak as proof.