Veolia has a person on the board of Coliban Water. Probity?

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Veolia ( is a huge water company. It is second only to Suez which is the biggest water company and part of the consortium building the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant. Veolia also ran Melbourne's trains until recent times under the name of Connex. With the desal contract it was a choice between the consortium centred on Suez or the consortium centred on Veolia.

Coliban Water is a public water authority situated in central-northern Victoria. Veolia has had, for many years, contracts with Coliban. It continues to have contracts with Coliban and will so in the future. Yet on the Board of Coliban, and their Environment Committee, sits a senior executive of Veolia. I believe this raises questions of probity and transparency - to say the least.

Recently this Victorian-based executive living within the area of Coliban Water has become the Group General Manager of Veolia in Tasmania. Nice picture of him with crayfish on the 'net. His picture is still on the Coliban Water website as a member of the Board. So what does this mean? 1) Website needs updating or 2) Execultive works in Tasmania but commutes to Coliban Water board meetings.

Could someone follow up on this, please, and advise?


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