Kogan - worst after sales service by a country mile

By Gerrymando

I purchased a new Samsung unlocked mobile phone. After a manufacturers software update, it hasn't worked and is now locked and they don't know how to fix it. I have sent them email three times a day for the last 10 days, and they ignore me as email is the only way of contacting them. Best advice, have nothing to do with this company, or any other Internet company that you can't get on the phone.


anonymous said:

Yep another sucker........buying the hype....

Concerned said:

I just ordered a phone about 4 days agao and it still has not been dispatched. They better hurry up and stop goating around

just another goat said:

you are the goat sucker for ordering it from krogan in the first place....

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H8 kogan said:

Absolute low form of life.This mob shuldnt be approached unless you have consumer affairs form ready to be sent.Ruslan Kogan -that wouldnt be russian name?Oh,it is,ha...What a surprize,another legitimate business from our russian friends.

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LEEROY - you are just another Kogan sucker who is filling his bank account......

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