Acme Johnson Enlarger Did Not Work !

By Madicks Small
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After some hurtful and negative comments from a few lady friends, I decided to invest in the Acme Johnson Enlarger, upon opening the plain brown box it was delivered in, I noticed the device looked similiar to the Hoover vacuum cleaner we had as a kid. Upon inserting said todger into the contraption, I anxiously turned on the power switch, I felt a slight tingling and some suction but this was sure no Hoover, this wasn't picking up any dust or the piece of string I had inserted into it. After five weeks, I am disappointed to report that I have seen no improvement, I'm still walking around with a micro-d*ck and still getting laughed at in the local gym. What went wrong, it all seemed so promising. I asked for my money back and they said "go away little man", I have been humiliated for the last time. Please help me !


anonymous said:

get yourself a new pet goat goatman

Long Johnson Silver said:

Worked great on me, last week I twisted my ankle and was able to use my dong as a leg for a few days, sounds like you got a dud

scottas said:

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DwightEt said:

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