Jonathans Bridal Gold Coast Closing Down

By anonymous

Why was this store aloud to take so many deposits without ordering the dresses


crunt said:

aloud?? phuckwit, learn english!!

Roslyn said:

The New Owners are Amazing Heavenly Bridal The went above and beyond to honor My order at there expense and get it Made in time for me, there customer service Was exceptional and without there help I Would have had no dress for my wedding

Just no said:

Still see some of the same staff working here who were happy to take deposits knowing the past owner would never order their dress

Nothappy said:

Their number is not theirs, they were evicted from their premises on the grounds of FRAUD, their website does not exist. They have taken their fraud show on the road. If you see them in your community, report them as they are next to impossible to track down. I paid for a veil six months ago and it still hasn't arrived- so I did some digging and it turns out that no one knows where they are now. They will take your money. Stay away. These details are correct as of 1/11/2013. If you don't believe me, ring the number they have listed as theirs (07 5667 9903) and find out for yourself. 'heavenly bridal' (a completely different business) are the people under that number now, and they have been trying to clean up the mess Jessica Leigh smith and 'Jonathan's bridal' have left. It is downright unaustralian, and they need to be brought to justice in a court of consumer law.

Jess said:

I have been trying to contact these guys for 2 months after my mum and I found them in a local shopping centre 'after a bridal expo' and ordered my dream dress and paid in FULL! Now after 6 months I have no wedding dress and no contact! Office of fair trading has been contacted!!

Anon said:

I was once a bride from jonathans bridal, I be-friended Jessica on facebook after her great service over 3 years ago now. thankfully everything went well with my dress and to my knowledge i was given the correct style etc. i am dissapointed that she has been gloating about all of her wedding plans and her crazy honeymoon plans when so many brides have now lost so much money from her, to possibly fund her over the top lifestyle. i am not friends on facebook anymore after she posted something that made me wonder where the justice is. jessica was lovely to me at the time of my purchase but i am sorry for all of the brides who are loosing money from her because of her bad business moves.

DwightEt said:

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Ls said:

Jessica Smith has been running a bridal scam now for over 5 years, hundreds of brides have never recieved thier dresses, dozens of complaints to Fair Trading have done nothing - stolen from friends,staff , also went bankrupt in Nov 2013 after a $50000 wedding for herself to get out of paying shop leases and upset customers. Who would like her new address

Kay Dibben said:

I'm a journalist interested in hearing about any bridal scams, complaints about rip-offs etc. Please email me on [email protected]

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