This is a waste of time!

By Crap
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This website is a waste of time, and simply an attempt to grab publicity.

It should just be ignored...

And no need to tell me that I am not ignoring it by posting this.


Anon said:

I agree... just a pathetic grab of attention

Chris said:

Agree !!! Lets vote this to number 1 position !

anon said:

haha so true but lets flood it with crap while its still up

Anon said:

I think it can definitely serve a purpose if idiots like you lot don't fill it with crap. It is in dire need of moderation though.

Anony mouse said:

Idiots huh ????? Power to us Idiots !!!!!!!!!

lol said:


Annon said:


mark said:


Geno said:

the content is crap so far, the site is a good idea. jus wait until something with a bit of meat pops up that interests you or saves you from being scammed, then you wont be "flooding it with crap" (remember were not 5 years old?). definitely needs moderation though.

L said:

Cannot believe the stupidity of some people. "It should just be ignored...And no need to tell me that I am not ignoring it by posting this." But you're not ignoring it are you. You are joining in. "haha so true but lets flood it with crap while its still up" and omg do you have such a sad life that you need to entertain yourself by participating (frequently by "flood(ing)" it) in something you think is crap?

moloko said:

I agree, you are a waste of time.

Hehfunny said:

HAHA Number 1!

C said:

Yeah, power to you idiots. Now go an do something useful with your lives. I think the site fails in terms of clear guidance as to what makes a useful post/leak. It also fails because of the lack of moderation capability and editorial oversight. I agree with Geno though, the idea is a good one. It just needs some work to be executed better and less 5 year old trolling.

Neko said:

Anything that gives information to the people should not be ignored, otherwise society will be ignorant. Knowledge is power! Akira Neko (Captain of Neko Republik)

lol dumbasses said:

83 people ITT manage retail and are now shitting themselves

Ganglebang said:

I like to run around in my undies in the rain !!

Dodgy cunt said:

This site has no credibility.

Doh said:

Theres a difference between 'information for the people' and utter bullshit.

Piggy said:

Please send me 1 dollar or the kitten dies.

anonymous said:

I'll send you $10 if you kill it now !

Piggy said:

Do i hear 20?

anonymous said:

Neil, Your youtube site sucks !

Piggy said:

I visited you site. Why did you change your name from Larry Edmur to Neil?

Christian said:

don't like it? don't read it!!! p*ss off!!!

anonymous said:

VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!! By the way..... You made a spelling mistakes PISS doesn't have an * in it.

anonymous said:


Jonny said:

I correctly stated elsewhere months ago that the advent of transparency websites which would emerge in the wake of the WikiLeaks global pandemonium....might well be the greatest development which threatens the rampant abuses of power by those controlling the 'message'...since Gutenberg slapped together his first printing press. I like what I see here. (Transparent) moderation is drastically needed, of course. But the potential benefits of the concept is - quite frankly - giddily exciting.

Brian said:

Ooooh ! Jonny went to the school of "Fancy".

Doh said:

@Jonny. Geez mate you just realized what the internet is all about, FIFTEEN years late! The hits on this site tell a tale more about how many people sit glued to than anything else. DOH

Doh said:

Come to think of it, I just started, to expose all things pissweak. DOH

anonymous said:

I wonder whether this site will be number 1 on ??? hehe !

Nonni said:

No surprises there - the site is co-founded by Ruslan Koslan, publicity whore.

Jonny said:

If those who mock sites like this were aware of 1% of the scams which victimise them week in and week out...I strongly suspect their jeers would instead be tears.

Julian Assange said:

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[Admin] said:

They see me trollin', they hatin'

anonymous said:

Does anyone here realise that this site just started this week? Of course there is not going to be too much fantastic content yet...

"'\ said:


Your Fat Momma said:

Feed me a biscuit of information.

Doh said:

Ruslan, you are the most awesome thing in your mirror matey. Doh

Everyone either thought or said:

Does Ruslan Kogan honestly think he is in the same league as Julian Assange? Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder. The narcissist is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

Doh said:

How long until the mod starts filtering comments and controlling the message around here? A post by a 'Ruslan Kogan' has already been deleted. Hmmm

Fuck All Homos said:

Let us all pause for a minute in silence brothers as we remember the greatest site ever to grace the internet... * g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x * g g o / \ \ / \ o a| | \ | | a t| `. | | : t s` | | \| | s e \ | / / \\\ --__ \\ : e x \ \/ _--~~ ~--__| \ | x * \ \_-~ ~-_\ | * g \_ \ _.--------.______\| | g o \ \______// _ ___ _ (_(__> \ | o a \ . C ___) ______ (_(____> | / a t /\ | C ____)/ \ (_____> |_/ t s / /\| C_____) | (___> / \ s e | ( _C_____)\______/ // _/ / \ e x | \ |__ \\_________// (__/ | x * | \ \____) `---- --' | * g | \_ ___\ /_ _/ | g o | / | | \ | o a | | / \ \ | a t | / / | | \ |t s | / / \__/\___/ | |s e | / | | | |e x | | | | | |x * g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x *

Everyone either thought or said:

Neil, you are a dickhead. Can you put a curry up on youtube?

Poo Trough Installer said:

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Ruslan Kogan said:

I have a 9 inch uncut slug for the ladies or for the gents... WikiLeaks wouldn't censor this comment!

haha said:

How long will this comment stay up for? Quote <Ruslan Kogan said: Dec. 16, 2010, 4:42 p.m. I have a 9 inch uncut slug for the ladies or for the gents... WikiLeaks wouldn't censor this comment!>

Richard said:

This is a good idea, however its just a forum, where is the official leaks?

To Richard I said:

There are no leaks, just another website trying to cash in on the WikiLeaks fame... nothing to see here.

ooj said:

not a waste of time. you stupid fucks shouldnt assume its all about WL. that was just the beginning. if it can start a global movement, it has done its job well.


To ooj said:

W R O N G !!!!

me said:

sorry to say it but this site is terrible.

Doh said:

All the news/smh lurkers have moved to pissytradeleaks. DOH

anonymous said:

" if it can start a global movement, it has done its job well." you mean like WikiLeaks has already done? This website is an example of someone else starting a global movement, this site is just cashing it on a movement, nothing more.

anonymous said:

it is terrible because of the idiots in the comments, just like most general forums where you remain anonymous. there are too many idiots in the world these days.

Steve just fucking said:

My bowels had a movement, just like this site.

anonymous said:

this website needs a retard filter

anonymarse said:

" there are too many idiots in the world these days". An idiot decided to try and make a copy of WikiLeaks with this lame website.

comwedge said:


Troll said:

Trolly Troll is trolling

Logan said:

This website is an absolutely wonderful concept. I'm glad someone has come up with something like this and all kudos to you'll. Dont get discouraged by the negative comments. What you'll could do, as you'll improve the site, is to ask contributors to submit paperwork or evidence of any kind to substantiate their claims. Once this is done you'll will bring credibility and this will really take of like Wikileaks. And try to learn from any mistakes which Wikileaks may have made.

anonymous said:

<a href="" style="-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg);-moz-transform: rotate(-90deg);">Whoops</a>

anonymous said:

If it's such a waste, why are there so many people or "comments" trying to convince people of that? That's suspicious. This is why people should think for themselves. This isn't gov't secrets. I'm actually more interested because of the negative comments.

anonymous said:

<style type="text/css" media="screen">body{-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg);-moz-transform: rotate(-90deg);}</style>

foo said:

lols @the trolls

D said:

Kogan should be arrested too

Not a retard said:

Actually, this site would be great if it was moderated and kept people like you out.

Fred said:

Need an option to view the latest. Otherwise this site is classic, I love the mix of "maybe its true" stories and the "so fake" stories, so funny. Bookmark added :)

Grown Up said:

Good idea - hope you sort out the moderation of get rid of all the kiddies that are posting, thinking they are somehow protecting Wikileaks. I imagine they don't really care about this as their mothers do all their shopping for them. Don't be put off.

anonymous said:

Fred and Grown Up are very diplomatic ! Must both work for Tradeleaks/Kogan !

John said:

Do fix the relevance score. More importantly, let visitors vote nonsense DOWN as well as up. And maybe block repeat voting.

anonymous said:


anonymous said:


anonymous said:

John, repeat voting is already blocked. So far this leak is the most relavent I have seen on the site.

Sam Smithe said:

Anything that results in some truth or transperancy is worth supporting and if one can elevate another why critisize it. I hope this leads to other sites like jobleaks where employees of the banks, corporations, factory workers and especialy foreign compnies that exploit our country are held to account for the way they treat their employees!

anonymous said:

Show me one post on this whole site that has led to "some truth or transperancy". This site a good idea, in theory. So is communism.

Chihanuchathuran said:

ITS A CONSPIRACY! By Crap, Anon Chris and lol are all CIA agents trying to debunk the sites credebility and bring it down under code name operation Blue Disk. Someone call Jesse Ventura we can realy blow the whistle on this one!

reaper said:

I'm a giant cum dumpster.

Sam Smithe said:

anonymous said:Dec. 16, 2010, 6:19 p.m. Show me one post on this whole site that has led to "some truth or transperancy". This site a good idea, in theory. So is communism. Reply Sure it has an ameture feel about it but I am sure soon there will be a company that will need to respond to allegations made or face bad publicity and the site will constantly evolve and improve. I am sure you have read some other posts and thats why you are pissed so why add crap to the crap, support it so people will feel comfortable to add decent content, it just started for f sake!

s83 said:

kogan has very bad quality

anonymous said:

@s83, That posts back in 2009. :/

Annon said:

This site needs a lot of work and was obviously put together in a hours. If you need some help let me know.

anonymous said:

Sam Smithe said:Dec. 16, 2010, 6:35 p.m. anonymous said:Dec. 16, 2010, 6:19 p.m. Show me one post on this whole site that has led to "some truth or transperancy". This site a good idea, in theory. So is communism. Reply Sure it has an ameture feel about it but I am sure soon there will be a company that will need to respond to allegations made or face bad publicity and the site will constantly evolve and improve. I am sure you have read some other posts and thats why you are pissed so why add crap to the crap, support it so people will feel comfortable to add decent content, it just started for f sake! At this present point in time its absolutly useless. Like I said, in theory it might be a good idea but I cant see this working in practice. I dont care whether its new or not! Dont release something to the public that isn't ready to go yet and thats exactly what has happened here. The site was rushed online to take advantage of the wikileaks publicity and in doing so they delivered a woefully inadequate user experience. This is 2010 not 1720, its sink or swim, I dont have time to hold hands and pat heads waiting for this website to improve or become useful. Its going to be extremely hard to drag the site back to anywhere decent now, a ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

SAGE said:


Rebecca said:

If you idiots didn't stop flooding the site with crap it could actually be useful - regardless of the initial intentions. Transparency is important.

vick said:

Ruslan kogan is such an asshole,he just want to do something to become famous,I saw one of his interiews he thinks he is one of the smartest businessman in the world but he does not understand he is a dog shit!!!

Ruslan Kogan said:

<Ruslan Kogan said: Dec. 16, 2010, 4:42 p.m. I have a 9 inch uncut slug for the ladies or for the gents... WikiLeaks wouldn't censor this comment!>

anonymous said:

Dog shit !!! AWESOME !!!! That is so funny, but oh so true ! Vick, you are a very smart and witty man.

anonymous said:

If you idiots didn't stop flooding the site with crap it could actually be useful - regardless of the initial intentions. Transparency is important. -------- Useful for what. The site hasn't received one leak that could help facilitate truth or transparency. So far there are leaks of the humourous nature, leaks of the ranting nature and leaks of the breaking news 10-15 years ago leaks. A possibly good idea, implemented dredfully forming total uselessness = this site.

anonymous said:

Tradeleaks is a flat out fucking joke. I'm surprised some news organisation hasn't picked up the story about the collosal failure of it.

anonymous said:

Can we post about the dodgy trade practices of tradeleaks?

anonymous said:

So where and when is the protest march to stop the SPAM on Tradeleaks?

anonymous said:

So where and when is the protest march to stop the SPAM on Tradeleaks? POST THE SH*T OUT OF THE DETAILS WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE.

anonymous said:

They should honestly rename the site to either spamfactory, trollville or my favourite and also the catchiest name of the three:

Ruslam Kogan said:

this is sick shit I eat shit I lick ass You cunt

anonymous said:

Confirmed. This site is actually a waste of time. I just posted about 10 bullshit responses and I am still banging away.

anonymous said:

Actually make that about 25 bullshit comments

Who said:

Your mum is banging away!

A wise man once said:

So how did the first day go Ruslan? Did you uncover any unique and ground breaking 'Leaks'? Did Julian phone you personally to say well don't champ? Did you get a slap in the face by reality? If you're going to have a knockoff website, don't make a piece of shit which this site is.

titties arse cunt said:

Cock fuck bugger balls

anonymous said:

@A wise man once said:Dec. 16, 2010, 8:43 p.m. Well said Sir, I tip my hat to you.

anonymous said:

WTF! What happened to this leak....where has it gone!

anonymous said:

Someone cue the xfiles music

anonymous said:

Why has the order changed??? This post is obviously the most popular, buy votes and comments? NOW THEY ARE JUST FIDDLING WITH THE NUMBERS??? JUST LIKE THE ACCOUNTING BOOKS THAT KOGAN DOES HUH ????

anonymous said:

Xfiles music in 3,2,1 do do do do do do, do doo doo doo

anonymous said:

What the fuck is going on here! Paniced when I didnt see this at the top, I thought OH FUCK MONKEY...the days of truth and transparency are dead! Then I seen it a bit further down and relised that they have just been adjusting the voting/comments sections so that it doesn't provide an accurate reflection of the most popular leak. Thas all good. As long as they dont try to fuck with truth and transparency.

anonymous said:

anonymous said:Dec. 16, 2010, 8:54 p.m. Xfiles music in 3,2,1 do do do do do do, do doo doo doo personally i would have it go more like do doo doo dooo doo do

anonymous said:

anonymous said:Dec. 16, 2010, 3:57 p.m. VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!! By the way..... You made a spelling mistakes PISS doesn't have an * in it. You-fucking-reka, well spotted anonymous. Fucking shit alls chance in friggin hell a cunt like me woudev picked up that little prick of a spelling mistake.

anonymous said:

Lets modify the results..... What a PIECE OF SHIT site..... Just like KOGAN TV's..... KOGAN IS A TARD!

agreer said:

I have to agree, you dont tamper with the results because you dont like there content. And besides this is probably the most factual and useful leak that has been posted so far!!!

anonymous said:


anonymous said:

<big><big>where did this leak go?</big></big>

anonymous said:

<gigantic><gigantic>Where did it go<gigantic><gigantic>

anonymous said:

Can not beleive homeos have reported this lovely leak down, its a phucking perversion of justice I tell you, A real phucking shame

Crap said:

I posted this very leak yesterday, and boy was it fun watching the votes go crazy and take top spot in minutes of posting. Then last night after about 330 votes, it suddenly started dropping in rank? This morning I look and find it on page 9, but with 350 votes. LEAVE THE F*CKING POST ALONE, LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK !!!!!!!!!!! STICK YOUR "TRANSPARENCY" UP YOUR ARSE !

Shite said:

I posted this very leak yesterday, and boy was it fun watching the votes go crazy and take top spot in minutes of posting. Then last night after about 330 votes, it suddenly started dropping in rank? This morning I look and find it on page 9, but with 350 votes. LEAVE THE F*CKING POST ALONE, LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK !!!!!!!!!!! STICK YOUR "TRANSPARENCY" UP YOUR ARSE !

Crap said:

Yay ! my post is back to page 1.... where it belongs!

Turtlebag said:

Ma ballz iz itchy god dam it !

BiggusBallSackus said:

Shi_te and Cr_ap, you smell!

Andy said:

This site is by far one of the worst attempts to copy another persons idea in a very long time. Shame on you tradeleaks

me said:

370+ is this on the last page? You cant trust that Kogan for anything can you

Bon Jovi said:

Please dont leak on me

anonymous said:

This is like the most voted up leak!

anonymous said:

Goat farrkers everywhere... said:

I luv goats - warm in winter and just plain drippin in summer

Bert said:

My grogan series 9000 only plays chinese porn? Is this a manufacturers defect of a unique selling feature? Rus?.... epic fail.

Don Atali said:

poo lcd's at kogan.

yep said:

YEP - CR*P site - maybe rename goatleaks or

anonymous said:

I vote to change to

WTF said:

quote: "...already had over 275,000 views, with some great business leaks coming through..." WTF ??? 274,500 are the site "admin", and f*uck me if I can find even one single "great" business leak - let alone "some" !!!!!!! This site is a pull-through by a pull-through.

anonymous said:

my brain hurts

anonymous said:

my goat hurts

anonymous said:

then get a looser goat

anonymous said:

loose goat on holidays - stuck with tight goat

anonymous said:

I just laugh that Bogan Kogan has to pay money for this stupid site ha ha ha ha

anonymous said:

Keep em coming OP. Good work with this lead.

Leaky bucket said:

Anyone know a good site I can post a leak ???

anonymous said:

I don't know - but don't bother asking that neato guy - he doesn't know thats for sure!!!

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