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Recently I had the experience of 4 x Yellow Cab taxi drivers refuse to take me home. The 5th driver agreed to take me home but tried to drive without the meter on.

I made a complaint to Yellow Cabs 3 weeks ago and have not heard back from them.

Something really needs to be done about our taxi industry in Australia.


anonymous said:

Hey Tribalcurse - thats what happens when you ask to be taken home to the goat farm whilst wearing only stockings and a do collar !!

anonymous said:

Maybe you were too drunk?

anonymous said:

".....something really needs to be done about the posters on this site!!!!!"

Tracey said:

I refuse to get in a Yellow Cab ever again. I had a horrible experience with a driver trying to pick me up recently. I was so scared I asked him to take me to the nearest train station and got out there - figuring I had light and an emergency button there if required. I prefer to wait now, rather than get in to a Yellow Cab.

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