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Kogan dont buy directly from the factory, they buy from a salesperson. Dont think for one second Kogan is going directly to china and speaking in chinese to bargain for the best price. All they do is cheap OEM (original equipment manufacturer) See this page if you are thinking of ...

Kogan's products fall apart

Did you know that Kogan takes cheap crup from China that's likely to fall apart in 3 months or less, is significantly worse in terms of picture quality than the big brands, and they sell it for too much on the internet? And when it falls apart, Kogan tells ...

Kogan Admits TradeLeaks a Failure

In a secret email obtained by TradeLeaks, Ruslan Kogan admits TradeLeaks is a failure. "I'm taking a massive hit over this TradeLeaks BS, either fix up the site or I'll can it" writes Kogan. "Its not bloody hard, if Zuckerberg can do Facebook in a week, why can ...

Kogan digital video cameras are sh!t

You will never believe this....Kogan stuff is really cheap and really sh!t. I bought a digital video camera and it was a right old piece of cr@p.

Harvey Norman v Kogan

Im sick of Kogan putting Gerry Harvey down and taking pot shots at him. GH is a retailing legend! He is an aussie icon who pumps a lot of cash into the aussie economy. Products may come from overseas, but what products dont ? Gh and the Harvey Norman franchises employ ...

Don’t waste your money on Kogan product!

I have always spent money on a good quality vacuum and they have lasted me for more than 8 years but due to budget constraints I bought a Kogan vacuum. Kogan has taught me a lesson, never buy cheap! I will save my money and buy a quality product. My ...

Ruslan Kogan in urban dictionary

Ruslan Word used in qubai language, means to block someone's chances of getting laid, aka co@kblocking. I. Hey mark I didn't mean to ruslan you back there with that girl, sorry bud. Kogan Word used to describe an ignorant high school girl who is utterly incompetent and ...

Kogan sell secconds

Ever wondered how Kogan can get such good prices on TV sets? They buy seconds from the screen producers under the strict instruction of not disclosing which manufacturer they are buying from. Have a close look @ your Kogan screen and see how badly the colour varies from corner to corner


Just rebrands the cheapest sh[HTML_REMOVED]i[HTML_REMOVED]t from random factories out of china.



Is anonymous really ruslan kogan?

Kogan's words form Mar 09 re PC Tech and Authority Mag "Go to a [major retail chain] and their televisions are tuned based on whoever is paying them the biggest kickbacks at that time. Go to a big retail store and there'll be months when the [Brand A ...

Kogan TVs

They are just so low quality and terrible. I'm not sure who is suppliers are in China but boy his stock are as good as s**t.

Why Kogan TV's Are So Cheap - People Smuggling

Ever wonder why their products are so cheap? Their low prices are off set by people smuggling. Yes that is right - Kogan made his money bringing illegal immigrants into Australia! Ever see all those boxes that he has in his warehouse? Half of them are empty as they were holding ...

Kogan Fondled My Test-icles

i went to buy a cheap Asian import tv and i was subjected to a full body scan and an aggressive body pat down. Dont touch my junk dude... I like shopping at Kogan it rhymes with grogan.

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