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vodafone service

Vodafone, bad coverage constantly dropping in and out depending on where you live. Extremely slow internet speed and also often drops out or disconnects its self, and very poor customer service... its nearly impossible to get to speak to someone on the phone, after waiting for over an hour and ...

Vodafone Contracts Dodgy

Vodafone have a policy of telling customers at the end of their contract that they cannot change their contract until their billing date...systematically set 15 days after the contract start. If you have a 12 or 24 month contract, you will end up paying for an extra half a ...

RE- Vodafail

I wouldnt mind knowing if this guy who has started a webpage about Vodafone is a customer and not a disgruntled employee. Vodafone may not be much good with reception etc. but Telstra isnt that great either and the customer service from Telstra employees are the rudest people i have ...

VODAFONE is great!!!!

I LOVE vodafone, granted they have some of the worse reception but their phone plans are brilliant, and i have been with them since early 2000's and have always have amazing customer service from them. They do endless refunds and waive fee's at all angles. All the service ...

Mobile Phone Accessories

They sell those after market self branded accessories for $20, but they probably only paid about $2.50 for them.

Apple iPhone4 Launch in India

Vodafone and Airtel made big announcements of the launch of the iPhone 4 in Sept/ October/ November... All have raised hands.... Ask APPLE India and APPLE USA....they say they have no clue on the same .....weirdddd.